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Tribal Justice

A Call To New Child Welfare Directors

This past Tuesday, citizens across the country headed to the polls. In 36 states, people elected governors, and in many chose new leaders.  Now, new governors will likely select new directors to lead state child welfare agencies.

I previously wrote a post about transforming our child protection system into a child welfare system. Changes in leadership will give us an opportunity to inch closer to such a transformation. But how can a new child welfare director make that happen? How can a director change the culture of child welfare?

Here is my call to new agency directors.

Be transparent about the complicated history that child welfare agencies have had with the families they seek to serve, and acknowledge the valid reasons why so many people distrust these agencies. Historically speaking, agencies have wrongfully taken children from certain communities, at times for the specific reason of divorcing children from their community. Unsurprisingly, even today, many families regard child w…