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A Revolution of Values

The Legal Fiction of Permanency

On Penalty of What

I never seriously considered buying a self-help book until my son was born.After a month of motherhood I found myself looking online for any book, or blanket, or device that would get him to sleep for more than a short stretch.

So I listened with interest when NPR recently aired two stories about babies and sleep.Apparently, allowing your baby to sleep in your bed is an ancient practice accepted in many cultures and also something that many American mothers feel compelled to lie to their pediatricians about.In those early days, I too slept with my son in my bed and lied to his pediatrician about it. I would have slept under a rock if that meant more than two hours of sleep at a time. 

The judgment we heap on all parents is an important topic of discussion.But when I heard those stories on the radio, it also called to mind my time as a family defense attorney in Brooklyn.  In family court, ACS (the child welfare administration) would often acknowledge that a baby could be returned home …

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