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Foster Care, Or Whatever

News that our government plans to separate immigrant children from their families at the border has provoked widespread revulsion among people with the capacity to feel.  Separating families is an age old tool of social control that never seems to go away. But while family defense practitioners look on this new policy with familiar sadness, it seems important to mark the ways in which this development is new.  Since the Progressive Era, family separation has been cast in terms of aid to children – saving them from their troubled or backward families of origin – whether that was the “dirty” Italian families of Boston or all of the Native American children placed in Indian Boarding Schools.  The good people were just trying to help. What is striking about the current rhetoric about removal (“foster care or whatever”) is that it is no longer cloaked in a noble purpose.  This policy is purposely violent and purposely callous.  Our government knows that it is hurting children to achieve a g…

Confronting Poverty

Foster Care's Adoption Obsession


Welcome to the Rethinking Foster Care Blog, where we will look to confront longstanding assumptions held by the child welfare system to try to generate creative solutions to wicked problems.  We look forward to the conversation we hope to generate.